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World of Warcraft Horde Crest Version 2 Tee
魔獸世界之「部落紋飾」第二版  T恤

Let them know that your actions are always... FOR THE HORDE! Whether you be Tauren, Orcs, Trolls, Undead, Blood Elf, or even liberated Death Knight, the Horde races will always stand for courage, power, and defiance. Not that you really need much of that to take on a few measly Alliance.

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World of Warcraft Home is where the Hearthstone is T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「有爐石便有家」  T恤

Fortunately, there is no hour cool-down for actually wearing this shirt. However, it should probably have the occasional run through the washing machine.

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World of Warcraft Priest Legendary Class T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「牧師傳說」 T恤

As you gaze up into the sky with a heavy heart, a burning light suddenly blinds your mind's eye. The luminous nobility of hope and love wash over you in waves of inspiring joy. At the beckon call of an unheard voice, you pledge your defense of the Light and all that it illuminates. The forces of Good shall not falter while you hold your saintly vigil.

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World of Warcraft Level ?? Humanoid T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「??等級人型生物」 T恤

Send a message to the noobs around you: You're not someone to mess with. Want a piece of me? Yeah right! You and what raid?

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World of Warcraft Alliance Crest Version 2 T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「聯盟紋飾」第二版 T恤

The Alliance have proven themselves to be fierce combatants, often giving their lives when called for. Wear this shirt proudly to proclaim your loyalties and virtues. Just be sure to avoid any alleys in Orc or Troll neighborhoods.

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World of Warcraft Alliance Spray T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「聯盟精神」 T恤

You are a proud member of the Alliance. Together with your brothers and sisters of the civilized races, you represent our world's only hope for survival.
Stand fast, and fight with honor until your last breath gives out.
You wear the golden lion of the Alliance, and these colors don't run.

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World of Warcraft Only Noobs Play Alliance Tee
魔獸世界之「只有菜鳥才玩聯盟」 T恤

Battlegrounds are so fun these days. And by fun, I mean easy.
The Alliance noobs that funnel out of their base might as well have targets painted on their bellies. I've taken to calling Arathi Basin "The Honor Farm", which is ironic because there's really no honor in dominating a squad of Night Elf mouth-breathers. Well, there's no honor, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun! >=D

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World of Warcraft Arthas T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「阿薩斯」 T恤

Wielding death itself as a weapon, the Lich King sits upon his Frozen Throne and laughs at the futile struggles of the living. Soon, Arthas will lead his slavering armies into battle and crush all of Azeroth under the weight of undeath. Fight until your dying breath, for there will be no respite... only eternal servitude, enslaved in death to the Prince of Darkness.

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World of Warcraft Paladin Legendary Class T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「聖騎傳說」 T恤

Evil is nothing new. Evil has plagued our world since the dawn of time, and will do so until the End... but evil is nothing to fear. While the Light still burns eternal in Heaven, the order of Paladins shall dole out vengeance upon the wicked. Join us, brave knight, and swing your hammer with the burning wrath of Justice!

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World of Warcraft Death Knight Legendary Class T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「死亡騎士傳說」 T恤

Death. Despite the sun warming my face, a numbing cold chills me to the core. My soul lives, but my desiccated body is a cruel mockery of the hero I once was. I know not love, nor mirth; only hatred of those who did this to me. Stay out of my way, for my revenge knows not friend... just foe.

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World of Warcraft Hunter Legendary Class T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「獵人傳說」 T恤

A hunter is never alone. "Pet" may be too harsh a word to decribe the constant companion that has seen you through endless battles, who has fought at your side, and more than once, given the very breath of life in sacrifice of your goals. Luckily "Revive Pet" means that's not a problem for very long.

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World of Warcraft Tanks...You're Welcome T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「坦克…謝謝你」 T恤

How many axes does that meaty tank need to take squarely in the chest to get a simple "thank you"?
We've all seen tanks hack away diligently while at the same time poisoned, on fire melting,
and skewered by countless swords, all with a big smile on their face. They're there every day to take all that punishment that is being diverted from your squishy body. C'mon people, give a tank some love, throw them a /hug, just let them know you care.
來嘛,別吝嗇給坦克們一點甜頭,送上一個 /擁抱,好讓他們知道有人在乎他。

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World of Warcraft Horde Spray T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「部落精神」 T恤

Throm-Ka, fellow Tauren, Undead, Orcs and Trolls! May your battle cry be heard for the glory of the Warchief. Let strength and honor guide you, and march into the battlefield with pride. Lok'tar ogar, my fellow warriors... and always, FOR THE HORDE!

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World of Warcraft Rogue Legendary Class T-Shirt

Night envelops the forest. Shafts of moonlight pierce the gloom, holding the fearsome dark at bay. Within the gloom there lurks a veiled figure, cloaked in the very shadows themselves.
Who he is, from whence he came, and why he stalks, are questions better left unasked;for the rogue's business is none but his own, and it is a grim business, indeed.

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World of Warcraft Warrior Legendary Class T-Shirt

The armies of the living ride forth to lay siege on the citadel of the Lich King.
In the vanguard of this grim host ride the Warriors of Azeroth,
eagerly grasping the hilts of terrifying weapons,
their boundless rage poorly concealed beneath layers of forged steel
May the gods grant mercy on Arthas, for when battle is joined at the gates of Icecrown,
these fearless Warriors will lead the charge...
and they shall showno mercy of their own.

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World of Warcraft Gadgetzan Choppers T-Shirt

With the wind against your face and the smell of Purple Lotus in the air,
you cruise through the desert on your Mechano-hog unrestrained.。
You are a rebel without a cause and you don't need to ride a fancy stable pup to make your way around Azeroth, no way.
You believe in good ol' fashion engineering,
building something out of metal and brawn with your own two mitts.
Just ahead is Gadgetzan on your right,
you better stop off and see if Buzzek Bracketswing can help you fix that clacking noise
you noticed back in the Shimmering Flatts.
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World of Warcraft Shaman Legendary Class T-Shirt

With typical hubris, the mortal races pervert natural energies with arcane sorcery and demonic witchcraft, seeking ever greater power. However, only those with humility, who respect the powers of the elements and honor the spirits of this world's past, may borrow from nature's boundless strength. Woe be to those deviant magicians who would challenge the Shaman’s earthly might.

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World of Warcraft Mage Legendary Class T-Shirt

You wield the magic’s of frost, fire and arcane at your finger tips, and can turn even the most evil of villains into a helpless rabbit.Your arcane brilliance increases the knowledge of all who fight beside you and your Strudel is the finest in the land. The Archmagi of Kirin Tor have taught you well, and you have mastered the art of focus. With the power of destruction at your fingertips, you are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield... just make sure to keep your Iceblock handy.

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World of Warcraft Druid Legendary Class T-Shirt

The bear lumbers towards you, huge and menacing. As she approaches, you see that she is limping:her fur is matted with blood where a demon's cruel magics harmed her flesh.
A greenish glow fills the glade as you channel healing energies from the thriving forest around you. As the grateful beast trundles happily into the forest, you turn your darkening eyes towards the sky. Mighty storm clouds  form where a blue sky spread only moments before.
By your hand, the denizens of nature will have their vengeance.

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World of Warcraft Death Knight Lore T-Shirt

You are a malevolent, rune-wielding warrior of the Scourge. Having been freed from the Lich King's control after the battle of Light's Hope Chapel, you have allied with the Knights of the Ebon Blade to bring destruction down to Prince Arthas Menethil himself. Whether your alignment is with the Horde or Alliance, you have a single vision –march up the gates of Icecrown Citadel and wreak havoc on the Lich King with the power of blood, frost, and unholy magics.

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World of Warcraft Garrosh Wants You T-Shirt

Where once was blue sky, now drift smoke and ash.
Where once were green pastures, now burn chasms of fire!
The enemies of life threaten our very existence,
but Garrosh Hellscream stands defiant in the face of extinction.
Will you not stand by his side, in this time of greatest need? Will you not fight? Will you not WIN!?

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World of Warcraft Gilneas Howlers T-Shirt

You do look ever so lovely tonight, my sweet lady.
The gleam of your teeth and the wicked glint in your eye rip the breath from between my fangs.
The way moonlight plays in your long, luscious fur makes my tail go rigid.
I just want to howl and chase you through the forest.
And I get the feeling you'd enjoy that just as much as I would...

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World of Warcraft Deathwing Chest T-Shirt

There was a time when Neltharion, Earth-Warder and Aspect of the Black Dragonflight,
protected Azeroth together with the Great Aspects of dragonkind. That time is long past. Now the mighty black dragon has risen anew, armored in elementium and intent on eradicating the world.The once noble Neltharion has renamed himself Deathwing the Destroyer,
and only you, brave adventurer, can defeat him once again.

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World of Warcraft Deathwing Rune T-Shirt

Corrupted by the Old Gods and mad by the Demon Soul, Neltharion has awoken from his slumber to erupt molten chaos into the world of Azeroth. Harness the power of the Black Dragonflight and send magma coursing through your veins with the return of the Deathwing the Worldbreaker   

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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Logo T-Shirt

I know a few people who said that World of Warcraft would die after a couple of years.
Boy were they wrong. The noble denizens of Azeroth have suffered hardship and catastrophe,
but still they march on with no sign of slowing. Perhaps this massive Cataclysm will crush WoW and halt the onslaught? Ha! I think not.

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World of Warcraft Horde Crest Version 3 T-Shirt
魔獸世界之「部落紋飾」第三版  T恤

Why do we still tolerate the pathetic Alliance dogs? We are the mighty Horde!
Warriors with our strength and courage should not endure such fragile, cowardly little creatures.Let us end this farce of a truce and crush the lesser races once and for all!
Mercy is for the weak! For the Warchief! For the Horde!
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StarCraft II Logo T-Shirt

The "under attack" alarm jostles your train of thought as you scramble to find the vile Zerglings. A monster wave of Protoss Stalkers comes dancing around your Mineral line, chewing through SCV's like candy. " L2 Scout ", your opponent taunts, as your base is reduced to ruin."gg nub" and just like that, it's over as quickly as it started.
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StarCraft II Marine T-Shirt
All right, sweethearts!
We're a team of ultimate badasses! We come here, and we gonna conquer, and we gonna kick some, is that understood?
That's what we gonna do, sweethearts, we gonna go and get some.
All right, people! Are ya lean? Are ya mean?
That's right, we' Marines!
We' on an express elevator to hell, going down!
Now go and break off a piece!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Classified T-Shirt
They say that good intelligence wins wars.
But when they say intelligence,
are they talking about the kind that Einstein was brewing when he sat around and pontiferated, or are they talking about the kind of intelligence that bold operatives find behind enemy lines? My money's on the latter,
'cause without the balls to take action, brains mean nothing.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops SOG Vintage Emblem T-Shirt
From its inception on January 24, 1964,
the Military Assistance Command,
Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group was tasked with conducting covert operations
and reconaissance with in southeast Asian conflict theater.
This translates into some of the most badass warfare tactics and ops the world has ever seen. Think you got what it takes? Guess we'll see.
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Steam Punk Control Premium Tee
It is an age of wonders!
Professor Luigi Nintendorium proudly presents his amazing and mind-boggling invention,
which he has entitled the "Play Station."
Those afflicted with persistent melancholy and chronic listlessness need only gaze into the illuminated viewing-box while operating the toggle switches on the hand-held manipulator,
and all feelings of woe will melt away in minutes!
Suitable for use by gentlemen, ladies, children and the elderly!

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Diablo III Special Edition T-Shirt
A great evil approaches, and the world of Sanctuary knows not the peril that follows Worldstone's destruction. Are you brave enough to challenge the Burning Hells, and take arms against the demons that lie in wait? Arm yourselves well, young adventurers and freshen your spell books... for Diablo, Lord of Terror, will not be dispatched so easily this time.

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